3 x 60 NAT GEO US

3-part specialist factual pilot series for Nat Geo US. What if we had the ability to X-ray the earth, what dangers would we find lurking beneath our feet?


Using high-end cutting-edge CGI we examine some of the world’s most dangerous geological hazards. From the Cascadia subduction zone which, one day soon, will produce a massive M9 earthquake and tsunami which will devastate the Pacific Northwest of the US, to Yellowstone’s super Volcano and the volcanic Canary island of La Palma which threatens to collapse creating a mega-tsunami that will cross the Atlantic bringing devastation to the US eastern seaboard. Each episode combines the very latest science with adventure and investigation as experts’ race to understand exactly when and how these disasters will play out.


We use real scientific data we create our sophisticated earth X-rays, and full photo-real CGI to help realise the final ‘worst case’ scenarios.


EP: Dan Gold (Blink) / Drew Jones (NGC) (HD)  TX 2020