POMPEII:  New Secrets Revealed with Mary Beard


1 x 60 BBC 1 / 1 X 90 SMITHSONIAN


Mary Beard revisits her beloved Pompeii for this BBC1 special.


She explores what life was like in one of the world’s most extraordinary archaeological sites before the eruption. Granted unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the Great Pompeii Project, we employ cutting-edge LIDAR scanning and photogrammetry to help us reveal what life was like in Pompeii 2000 years ago. Also, for the first time, we CT scan the world-famous casts to analyse the skeletons trapped inside, to reveal who they really were and how they lived. Also I re-versioned the film to a 90 min for Arte & Smithsonian US. (HD & 4K)

EP: Richard Bradley / Caterina Turroni (Lion TV) / Martin Davidson (BBC1)


TX’d March 2016. Over 4.75m tuned in making it top history doc of 2016.

The Smithsonian version is currently the highest rated factual show ever on Smithsonian channel.

Mary Beard, struck a sensitive tone, never losing sight of the humanity in the heart-breaking remains. This was a rich portrait of Pompeii that went beyond the clichés of fiery death. - **** The Telegraph

Well told. - *** The Times

Phew! Professor Mary's romp in the ruins gets a little steamy. - **** The Daily Mail