IMMORTAL EGYPT with Joann Fletcher


4 x 60 BBC 2


Egyptologist Prof. Joann Fletcher takes us on a journey through 20,000 years of ancient Egyptian history. She charts where the world’s most advanced ancient civilisation came from, how it rose to build the pyramids and great temples, survived wars & famines, only to finally crumble at the hands of the Romans.


Shot in 18 months in all across Egypt and beyond, this is Joann’s unique spin on Egypt’s long and ancient story.


EP: Bill Locke (Lion TV) / Martin Davidson (BBC2)


TX’d early Jan 2016 it was awarded multiple picks of the days and much critical acclaim.

‘She makes for a passionately engaging guide to this fascinating civilization.’ - Telegraph

‘A treat.’ – Observer

‘I wish Professor Joann Fletcher could be president.’ - The Guardian

‘She wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty, somehow I can't imagine Starkey or Schama doing that.’  - The Independent